Interview with Michael Valentine; Love and Death

Michael Valentine; Love And Death
Video interview with Michael Valentine. The bassist for Love and Death, Brian Head Welch’s band.

In this latest interview, I sit down with Val (Michael Valentine) , bassist for Love and Death and talk about what makes him tick as a Christian, musician and member of Love and Death.

See the interview after the jump.


So often when we think about our favorite bands we think of the front man (often the lead singer). I used to have the same mind set; however, I have been discovering that without the rest of the band the front man would have no platform to stand on. These musicians, who often remain in the background, have great passion for the bands mission and often the same mindset as the front man.

I have been trying to explore this as I look to interview some of these “hidden” players to share with you their stories, faith and commitment to the band and to Christ.

If the video is not showing up, you can view it here:

I think you’ll find this interview pretty amazing. For as much flack as they get, I can tell you this guy loves Jesus!

A big thanks to Val for taking the time!


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