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In my workflow, I have a pre-created a metadata template as well as a starting Develop Setting that I apply to all my images during import. The metadata template includes all of my copyright and contact information. The Develop Setting I’ll share in another post, but here is how to create a custom metadata template you can apply to all you images upon import.

By using a custom metadate template you can easily embed your copyright and contact information into every image you process.

As you probably know there are lots of ways to do the same thing in various applications. I don’t plan to show you every way, but rather I am going to share the way I do it and I’ll leave it up to you to figure out the other ways.

Step 1

To set up your custom metadata template I am going to start in the Import screen; you can get to it by being in the Library Module and clicking the Import button:

While in the Import screen look on the right side and locate the Apply During Import panel. In that panel you’ll find a drop-down for Metadata. Use the drop down menu and click on New.

Create New Metadata Template


Step 2

A new metadate template window will open.

Metadata template

At the bottom of the panel click Check None. This will remove all the check marks and ensures that you are not adding any blank fields in your metadata.

Step 3

Under the IPTC Copyright fill out you copyright information. I also have added my contact information under the IPTC creator section. This allows someone who finds my image the ability to contact me in case they want to license it.

Metadata Template

Once your finished, give your template a Preset Name (I call mine Full Copyright) and click the Create button at the bottom of the template.

Step 4

To use your new template; return to your Import screen.

In the Apply During Import panel use the drop-down and select the template you created and import you images. Your metadata will be automatically applied to each image.

Add Metadata


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